Q: How often do I need septic pumping services?

A: The standard amount of time you can go before pumping your septic tank is 3-5 years. After that, you should contact a local company to come to pump your septic system.

Q: If my pipes are draining slowly, is it my septic system?

A: Chances are yes, it is your septic system. To be sure, you can give our team at Mansfield Sanitation a call. We will happily send someone over to your property to figure out if you need septic pumping services, or if there is a different issue.

Q: What are common signs your septic system is failing?

A: One of the most common issues people face when their septic system needs to be replaced is problems with sinks, tubs, and toilets not draining properly in their homes. Other signs of septic system issues are your drains slowly draining, contaminated water well, or a sewage odor coming from the drains in your home.

Q: Does my septic system need bacteria to function properly?

A: Yes, it does! People often use bleach for septic cleaning, which kills good and bad bacteria. However, a septic system needs bacteria to function properly. It is important to replace the bacteria we kill in our drains by using anti-bacterial cleaning products with bacteria that will help our septic system function properly. Common bacteria additives for septic systems are Lenzyme or Rid-X.

Q: Can I do septic pumping myself?

A: It is not recommended to do septic pumping on your own, due to the hazardous waste and chemicals in the sludge produced from your septic system. Hiring professionals will not only keep you safe but will also get the job done faster and allow for the proper disposal of waste that comes from your septic system.

Q: What can you safely flush down the toilet?

A: A safe rule is only human waste products and toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet. Do not flush cigarette filters, paper towels, tissues, bleach, baby wipes, grease, floss, or feminine hygiene products down the toilet because it could cause septic system issues.

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